Privacy Policy

At Centric, we see the protection of personal data as a very important part of our business operations and services. Protecting this data is the basis of our reliability as a supplier and partner. By personal data, we mean all information about an identified and / or identifiable natural person.


In this privacy statement, you can read what personal data Centric Netherlands BV (Centric) and the companies that are connected to us collect from you. We collect this information because we have an agreement with you or are in contact about our services and products.

Through this declaration you will receive information about:

  • why we process personal data
  • how long we keep personal data
  • how you can view and adjust the personal data stored by us
  • how your personal data are protected with us

You can read in our cookie policy how Centric handles cookies.


Our Privacy Promises

Our privacy promises can be captured in the following rules of thumb:

  • Purpose and purpose limitation: Centric only uses personal data for explicit and legitimate purposes.
  • Basis: Centric bases the processing of personal data on one of the legal bases.
  • Data minimization: Centric ensures that the amount of data is limited when processing personal data.
  • Transparency: Centric provides transparent information to stakeholders, such as applicants, employees, customers, prospects, seconded persons and suppliers, about the use of their personal data.
  • Security: Centric takes privacy seriously. With every choice we make, we take measures to protect privacy as well as possible.


Security of Personal Data

We do our utmost to handle personal data with care. We also do everything to protect this data against loss and/or any form of unlawful use or processing. In doing so, we use appropriate technical and organizational measures. Think, for example, of the latest innovations in the field of security. If Centric has to share your personal data with third parties in order to perform its tasks, we will conclude processing agreements for this if necessary.


Security Breach

Despite all our efforts, has there been a breach of the intended security? We will then handle this incident in accordance with the internal procedure drawn up for this purpose. In that case, we will of course do everything we can to limit the consequences of the infringement as much as possible.

If the breach poses a privacy risk, we will report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. If it is desirable – and in any case when required by law – we also inform the data subjects about the infringement.


What Are Your Rights?

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the following rights when it comes to the use of your personal data:

  • Insight
    You have the right to view the personal data that Centric processes from you.
  • Rectification and supplement
    You have the right to have personal data processed by Centric changed by you.
  • Forgetfulness
    You have the right to have your personal data deleted by Centric.
  • Data portability
    You have the right to transfer personal data from Centric to another party.
  • Limitation of processing
    You have the right to have less data processed by Centric.
  • Automated decision making and profiling
    You have the right to a human look at decisions taken by Centric (as opposed to automated decision-making).
  • Objection
    You have the right to object to data processing at Centric.


How Do You Exercise Your Rights?

Centric takes privacy and the protection of your personal data very seriously. That is why we have appointed a privacy officer who will deal with all your questions about privacy rights. You can contact Centric’s privacy officer at


The Right to File a Complaint with the Supervisory Authority

Centric handles your data as transparently and carefully as possible. If you nevertheless have a complaint about the processing of your data, we request that you first contact our privacy officer. This can be done by sending a message to We will then do our utmost to resolve the complaint. In the unlikely event that you do not agree with the measure taken, you can contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


Information Sheet per Processing

Centric chooses to draw up an information sheet in addition to the privacy statement for specific processing operations/parts. This information sheet specifically deals with the following sub-topics for processing:

  • Why do we use personal data?
  • What types of personal data do we process?
  • Who has access to personal data?
  • What is the legal basis for the processing of personal data?
  • How long do we keep personal data?
  • What security measures have been taken?



Centric has drawn up a separate cookie policy.


Updates to Our Privacy Statement

This version of the privacy statement dates from 20 September 2021. Centric continuously updates the statement, so that you can always view the current version.



Do you have questions about this privacy statement? Then contact us via or via PO Box 338, 2800 AH in Gouda.



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