Live stream CRAFT ambassadors!

8 March, 2022 8PM
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Play Knight Squad together with a streaming ambassador live on Twitch and our website. Ready for some fun during your development?


Live stream CRAFT ambassadors!

CRAFT organizes a gaming event in which the craftsmen play Knight Squad together with a streaming ambassador live on Twitch, but we make sure you can also see the live stream here on CRAFT! Ready for some fun during your development? Block 8 March 20.00 in your schedule to watch this epic live stream!

Hey guys! My name is Lauren, and no, not Laura. 😉  Before you decide to watch this stream, please note: I can be a bit sarcastic and straightforward at times, but also super sweet!

The varying games I mainly play are: CS:GO, COD / Warzone, Nintendo games (Zelda & Mario), Viva Pinata.



My name is Kevin and I always try to create a stream that is as varied and fun as possible for myself and you! I am interested in almost every game and try out the latest games, we do playthroughs and we have fun in the chat!”



Hi everybody! I'm Claudia aka Sumly! I am now 31 years old (yes it is true). I have been streaming for centuries (7.5 years) and still enjoy every stream of the fun and positivity of you! I will mostly be streaming League of Legends, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. But also play games like Pummel Party & Marbles on stream so you can join in the fun!

Most of all, my streams will be very interactive. I love chilling with you guys and hearing how your week was!”



My name is Madelief van Ginkel, but better known online as Madestout. A 23-year-old woman with a great passion for Gaming and Tech.

When I was 4 I got my first setup, a little over the top. My father works in the IT industry, I learned a lot from him. In addition, my brother was my biggest role model, so I learned my gaming from him. He made sure I could find my way and beat the toughest bosses. Over the years I have devoured a lot of games and consoles, must it have been in my DNA?



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