This is CRAFT

CRAFT stands for craftmanship. We believe that sharing knowledge and practical experience are key in being a top performer in the IT industry. 

This knowledge and development platform for IT professionals is powered by Centric. 

Our Story

With CRAFT you can easily stay informed of all new developments and trends within IT. For example, via the blogs of our CRAFT Experts or the CRAFT Events. CRAFT thinks along with your ambitions, learning goals and development.

That’s the promise of CRAFT for many years already, help professionals all over the world to grow in their profession. It’s up to you, it’s for you, develop yourself!

CRAFT is powered by Centric. As an international IT company, Centric wants to facilitate in sharing knowledge and experience.


We build on the craftmanship of IT professionals

Down to earth

CRAFT provides real, actionable content and inspiration. We speak the practical language of the IT professional. This allows him/her to develop effectively
and efficiently

People minded

We are proud of the IT professionals in our industry who lead the way, are inventive and stand out. Whether they work at Centric or not.


We are crazy about IT. We do not shy away from the depth. We show this in our content and our profession.


Think about your future. Talk to one of our CRAFT coaches if you like. Determine your goals as a professional and use CRAFT to help make your plans a reality. Develop yourself, with CRAFT.


Stay informed on the topics you need, want or like. Lay down the foundation for your future as a professional. Any time, any place. You decide, you develop yourself with CRAFT.


Everyone can read a book and get the basics of technologies or platforms. But how about putting that into practice. Our CRAFT experts don’t just tell you the basics. They share how to use it, from their own experience. Use it, reuse it, for your own assignments, develop your own experience, with CRAFT.

Going beyond what's possible

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Craft colleagues discussing at the office.

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